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Primary & Secondary School Art Workshops

Are you an Art Teacher looking for inspiration for your class but don’t have the time to take them to a Central London exhibition?

 Our very special offer: 
Original, authentic framed works of art brought into your class from our gallery collection for your students to learn from in person, in the comfort of their own classroom
-All artworks by artists based in South Asia - perfect for a diverse class and a teacher looking for inspiration from non-Western locations
-Basicart history and connoisseurship for your students working directly from original works of art; workshop customized to the varying abilities, ages and diverse backgrounds of the class 
-An insight into the life of an art dealer, collector and curator –what I do and what are the things I have to think about when I choose artists or artworks for my gallery? 
-Specially sourced, premium materials and mediafor a solo artistic exercise and then a large, collaborative artwork in the style of the artist on display.
-Special framing for final collaborative artworks to enjoy on your school wall complete with text panel (like an art gallery!)

If you work for a school based in London and would like more information, contact The Noble Sage on or by phone on 07901944997