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About the Piece

As ever, John here investigates movement, viewer suppositions and misunderstandings within the two-dimensional canvas. A child blows bubbles, seen angled, slightly from below, his body's position flies in opposition to the horizontal of green in the foreground. Trhis appears to be a table though due to the changing tones appears also to resemble a horizon. The distorted shadow of the boy on the surface adds to the feeling that this is not a solid but a liquid, at least at its surface. Bubbles hang in the mid-ground, rising or floating at least, defying gravity whilst the background with its vertical patterning draws the eye downwards (and the bubbles also). John wants the viewer to question and also be aware of the forces of movement within a painting.
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By C.F. John - Bangalore 2007 JOHN0007 Acrylic on canvas Mid-Investment Framed
Framed: 38 x 38
Unframed: 36 x 36
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