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About the Piece

In this new work, Anoma demonstrates poetically the regenerative qualities of maternal love. The mother-child relationship becomes a metaphor for our compassion and understanding for each other, our planet, as well as our own selves. It is a bond of true love: 'One of the greatest of all loves...the greatest of giving... creating a mandala of light and healing energy fields within the cosmic spiral'. For the artist it is a love that has focus and yet also far reach. In this work Anoma captures a silence and meditation at the centre as energy radiates out into the universe 'cleansing, nourishing and healing'.

Love in the time of stillness and shadow

By Anoma - Colombo 2015 Featured In: AFFORDABLE ART FAIR 2016 (Stall J2)ART FAIR AFTER SALESAFFORDABLE ART FAIR , Stall J2 ANOM0034 Mixed media High Investment Framed
Framed: 23.75 x 20.25
Unframed: 14.5 x 12
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