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About the Piece

In this cheery piece a Sufi dancer spins in pink, connecting with a higher state of consciousness. Elsner had seen and been enthralled by Sufi dancers in London and Turkey. The exuberant act combined with the clear restraint to the spot no doubt drew his interest. The title quotation draws our attention perhaps to the movement of the dancer and the stillness of art object or the stillness of the drawn moving dancer and the atomic movement inherent in all stationary objects.
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If they ask you, what is the sign of your Father who is within you? Say to them, It is a movement and a rest. - The Gospel of Thomas (51) 89.30-90.7

By Dante Elsner - Krakow 1978 to 1984 Featured In: Dante Elsner (1920-1997): THE WORK DAN0014 Ink and watercolour on Japanese Mulberry paper on painted ca High Investment Framed
Framed: 26 x 49
Unframed: 42 x 19
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