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About the Piece

Interiors have been a keen interest of Anthony Christian for many years. What is most striking about ‘Di Atas’ (1992) is the extraordinary amount of space given to the tent-like roof structure above and the giant rug below. The main content ‘action’ of the work occurs for the most part in a middle strip: the draped four-poster bed, the notably empty frames and the pillows and cushions on the floor. Furthermore, the colour palette is muted and unvaried adding to the sense of open space and making clear the need not to clutter the composition unnecessarily. Our eye cannot help but be drawn to the gloriously sunny open window and the green trees outside, again creating the feeling of continuing space.
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Di Atas

By Anthony Christian - London 1992 ANT0001 Oil on canvas High Investment Framed
Framed: 46 x 39
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