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About the Piece

The title is a play on the story The Three Princes of the Serendip, a Persian fairy tale about Sri Lanka and the source of the word serendipity associated closely with the island. Ferdinands was drawn to how the story was one pivoted on ‘inference and discovery’. As such she knits cleverly three comma shapes into the painting so we can do our own extrapolating. These are a punctuational link to the written story and, commas being dividing, the sequential nature of the fable’s culmination. The division of the comma and the connective tissue with Sri Lanka, makes one also think that this work relates to the island’s three main colonisers: the Dutch, the Portuguese and the British. Ferdinands leaves this to our imagination and delight to guide us.
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3 Commas of the Serendip

By Frances Ferdinands - Toronto 2019 Featured In: FRANCES FERDINANDS - ENDURING PATTERNS FERD0006 Acrylic on canvas Mid-Investment Unframed
Framed: 25 x 25
Unframed: 24 x 24
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