THE SPIRITUAL - the art of Prafulla Mohanti, Priyantha Weerasuriya and Eccentric-O

Aug 28, 2019 - Sep 01, 2019   -   Various Artists

The Spiritual will highlight the work of three South Asian artists from India, Sri Lanka and London who are all, in very different ways, dedicated to creating art of a spiritual, perhaps transcendental, form.†

The Noble Sage is proud to introduce the tantric, mesmeric circle paintings of 84-year-old artist Prafulla Mohanti to our collection. Mohanti is one of the pioneer Indian artists working in the UK in the 1970s. Over more than five decades Mohanti has drawn continually on the transformative experiences during his childhood in Orissa, India, to produce colourful metaphysical circles and ovals forms that usher in a sense of the ethereal-divine.††

The Spiritual also spotlights two younger artists that create outstanding work in this field. The youngest, known by his alias Eccentric-O, is a Belgium-born London artist with Pakistani heritage. Eccentric-Os mixed media paintings combine the power of ancient design, knowledge and calligraphy with the youthful worlds of digital technology, social media and graffiti art, all to enrich the soul and inspire creativity in the onlooker.†

Finally Sri Lankan artist, Priyantha Weerasuriya, returns to the gallery with his continuing portrait meditations on the Buddha prince before enlightenment. Weerasuriya focuses in on the humanity of the story of the prince dissatisfied with his riches, his many possessions and royal nobility, to perhaps draw us into a consideration of how we idolise divinity rather than see that there is potential for greatness in ourselves.†

All three artists have in common their aim to provide the audience with a glimpse of the vast connective energy that is beyond us and yet within us, all at the same time.

The exhibition will be open 11am-6pm from Tuesday 28stAugust 1st†September 2019 on gallery business days.†

Everybody welcome, no appointment necessary. Original works are for sale. Price range: £500 to £3000

Camden Image Gallery

174 Royal College Street†

London NW1 0S