OUR EXISTENCE ABSTRACTED - The Art of Anoma, T. Athiveerapandian and Priya Barot

Nov 13, 2019 - Nov 18, 2019   -   Various Artists

Exhibition Dates: 13th† 18th†November 2019,†

open 11 - 6pm daily at Camden Image Gallery

Evening Reception:†

Wednesday 13th†November 2019, 6pm - 8pm

Directorial Tour at 7pm

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Our Existence Abstracted†is an expedition into the world of South Asian abstraction by long-standing London gallerist, The Noble Sage. It features three artists: Anoma from Colombo in Sri Lanka, T. Athiveerapandian from Chennai in South India and finally Priya Barot from London. It will be open to the public at Camden Image Gallery from 13th† 18th†November, 11-6pm daily.†

The artists themes and styles are easily distinguished from each other. 68-Year-old artist, Anoma, is now a heavyweight of Sri Lankan contemporary art. Anoma was the first solo artist from Sri Lanka to show during the Venice Biennale and her work is currently at Personal Structures: Identities at the European Cultural Centre. This year she launched her critically acclaimed monograph, Anoma, dedicated to her triumphant artistic career This 2019 series of works is titled after a quotation by 19th†century naturalist and painter, James Audubon:†The World is Not Given by His Father but Borrowed from His Children. Anoma declares the works a tribute to Greta Thunberg and her extraordinary passion and commitment to take the world on, to raise a clarion call for critical international action before the planet is annihilated.†Anomas aim is to ignite the viewer into action: The purpose is to make people love the earth more than they do their desires and to realize that they are earth, they are nature. We are only pillaging, raping and destroying ourselves†

She is quite different from 53-year-old painter T. Athiveerapandian from Chennai, South India. His expressive and colourful abstract paintings, inspired by natures harmonies and tensions, have no human presence. As such you lose the artist in these works perhaps. His paintings are colourful abstract anthems created in the light of natures alchemic and sublime balance. Here in this exhibition are four dynamic canvases that look forward to Athiveerapandians unbridled vigour of more recent years. The four works span 2012 to 2014, a turning point for the artists work, where he was beginning to feel the growing power of his own abstraction.

From the heady mix of house music and youthful anarchy (and an art studio that is a disused police station waiting to be yet another block of flats), British-Gujarati artist, Priya Barot, emerges with colourful, naÔve, often humorous portraits of animals. To Barot, an ardent vegan, animals have been used across cultures and throughout history to symbolise and represent human emotions and tendencies. Barot draws on proverbs, fables or stories involving animals from Hinduism through to Hans Christian Andersen to excavate the moral messages useful for a greedy modern humankind.†

The exhibition will be open 11am-6pm from 13th†to the 18th†November.†

Everybody welcome, no appointment necessary.†

Original works are for sale. Price range: £500 to £3000

Camden Image Gallery

174 Royal College Street†

London, NW1 0SP