Jan 30, 2008 - Mar 23, 2008   -   Various Artists
In The Fore 2008:†
New canvases from Achuthan Kudallur†and†Recent works by P. Jayakani, T. Athiveerapandian and Ganesh Selvaraj

Senior artist, Achuthan Kudallur, will be the star of this show, a spotlight he deserves not only because of his ever-strengthening body of abstract paintings but also because his artwork has increased exponentially in investment value in the last two years. With Kudallur, will be three other striking artists from Chennai: T. Athiveerapandian, P. Jayakani and Ganesh Selvaraj. I am really excited by this show, says Jana Manuelpillai. They are four very different artists from the one city - Chennai. Kudallur with his enigmatic one-colour abstracts; Jayakani and his obsession with a watery grave; Athiveerapandian, an expressionist volcano of a painter; G. Selvaraj and his intriguing descriptions of experience and identity. It shows just how much talent there is in South India as yet barely tapped. ††