DRAWN FROM INDIA - Pen and Ink Drawings by S. Ravi Shankar and M. Natesh

May 02, 2007 - Jun 03, 2007   -   Various Artists
Drawn from India - Pen and Ink Drawings by†
S. Ravi Shankar and M. Natesh

2nd May 3rd June 2007

The Noble Sage, the first gallery in the UK to specialise in Indian contemporary art, will open its new show dedicated to the strikingly original work of two rising artists from South India.†

A line on paper resonates with all of us as we have all put pen to paper in our lives though not all of us have put brush to canvas. We can relate on that basic fundamental. It is for this reason that the work of artists, M. Natesh and S.R. Shankar, inspires great awe and admiration. We are in the presence of works of art where we understand the medium (pen and paper), where we use the medium, where it is all within our reach. Yet here it is pushed to a level of imaginative creativity and artistic skill we could never have imagined.