Jun 11, 2015 - Jun 14, 2015   -   Various Artists

The Noble Sage will be showing six of its most popular artists from the collection. S. Ravi Shankar from Chennai, a highly skilled draughtsman with complex images of everyday India; Pradeep Puthoor from Kerala, a surrealist with a dextrous illustrators eye for the erotic; P. Jayakani, one of the most popular artists from the collection, depicting in his works visions of the world sunk under water; Anoma from Sri Lanka, a formidable mixed media artist responding ethereally in her work to the need for new balance and peace in Sri Lanka; T. Athiveerapandian, The Noble Sages foremost abstract painter producing operatic canvases of dramatic colour and energy; And lastly, the traditional artist G. Raman from Chennai with his original and decorative images of Hindu deities and Christian imagery.

Jana Manuelpillai: I am excited to be bringing six of the most popular artists in the collection to the Affordable Art Fair. They have together sold more than 350 works in nine years to buyers in London and abroad. They certainly deserve this superb stage for their art. We will be the first South Asian Art Gallery to show at the Affordable Art Fair and I look forward to seeing how art collectors respond to the pieces amongst the other stalls in the fair.