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Eccentric O

London, United Kingdom Born 1989
There are no exhibitions for this artist

Pakistani heritage, born in Belgium in 1989. Lives and works in London

Associate Artist of Milton Keynes Gallery (2019); STC Artist Residency, Milton Keynes (2019); MK Buszy Artist Residency, Milton Keynes (2013-15); Winner of Next Generation Creative Pioneers Award (2012); Acquired First Class BA in Graphic Design with Printmaking from University of East London (2011); Gained Art & Design Foundation Diploma from Chelsea School of Art, London (2009)


Group Exhibitions

The Noble Sage @ Affordable Art Fair, London (2017);†Tradition and Divergence From India, The Noble Sage @ Camden Image Gallery (2017);†Art Maze, Bargehouse, London (2016)

Eccentric O (EO) is a London multidisciplinary artist that breathes new life into the spiritual visual vocabulary of world cultures for the benefit of a new digital age. In the cacophony of today, EO aims to charge up the viewer through a re-envisioning of those artistic practices of the past. Those searching for creative energy are infinitely replenished by these mystical and modern works of art.

EO describes himself as†a champion for creative expression and artistic explorationoften describing the creative energy within all of us that can be a great source of healing if harnessed. EO himself was able to reveal this energy through meditation and an opening of his channels to the synchronicity embedded in the world around him. Much of hisvisual vocabularyis inspired by meditation visuals, ancient cultures of the past and religions of the present. Although he has Pakistani Muslim heritage it was the inclusiveness of the mystical Buddhist mandala form that was his first revelation, and first series of works for The Noble Sage. The word mandala is from classical Sanskrit, meaning "circle". However it is much more than a simple shape. It represents wholeness, and can be seen as a cosmic diagram that reminds us of our relation to the infinite, the world that extends both beyond and within our bodies and minds. The mandala appears in many different cultures worldwide. From 12thCentury Christianity to express visions and beliefs, to the Native American Navajo people who created medicine wheels and sand mandalas. In EOs†Inspiration (2019) mandala we see his great skill as an artist and craftsman. He painstakingly hand-paints and layers pure coloured silver leaf and gilding of 24ct gold leaf along with his artful calligraphy. Centrally placed in this esoteric design for audience empowerment is his powerful EO symbol. In this way Eccentric-O rewrites the impotent commerciality of the label tag for a spiritual new world.††His name emblazons the healing portal through which we might travel for refuge, peace, salvation and creativity.†

More recently EO revisited his childhood fascination for finding patterns and symmetries between sacred scriptures from various religions and ancient cultures. He describes how he embarked on a journey tobuild†his ownvisual vocabulary of visionary symbols. This hybrid code of abstract calligraphy had mystical meaning for him and creating artworks from their inspiration came easily. We see the results in the Manuscript†(2019) series of works†and in its predecessor works†Downloadingand†Fusion†(2019).EO says that they are not meant to be understood by the observer but received by the deeper mind as an encrypted code to unlock creative power and healing.†The use of the word†codesits well with the titles that relate to science and technology. EO morphs the calligraphy into the imagery of frequency waves,†sim-cards†and electrical circuitry whilst the vibrantcolourconnects with his love for graffiti and street art.†