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A London-based art collection since 2006 specialising in Indian, Sri Lankan and Pakistani modern and contemporary art serving our clientele online and through annual exhibitions throughout London

Stitch (2021) By Murugiah
Untitled (Landscape) (2009) By P. Jayakani
Art at its best
The Artist's Mother (1993) By Shanti Panchal
Etching on paper, from an edition of 50, plus 5 artist's proofs; signed, dated, titled and editioned along lower margin
This could be us, you, or anybody else (2007) By Arpita Singh
Untitled (2009) By Jagath Ravindra
Tate Museum buys from The Noble Sage!
Tate Museum buys from The Noble Sage
Two of the earliest works in Ferdinands' series, 'Coiled' and 'Snakin' both share a serpentine shape in mauve makng them unidentical twins of sorts.
Snakin' (2018) By Frances Ferdinands
Trusted by hundreds
Painted in the dark by candlelight, this was created by Barot to have the audience thinking about the annihilation of this species. The tiger's tongue deliberately references Kali, the Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction.
Tiger (2018) By Priya Barot
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Perhaps one of the most surreal, and certainly one of the largest works produced by the pen and ink maestro, S. Ravi Shankar.
Birth of an unusual dream (2009) By S. Ravi Shankar
Woman I & II are conceived as a pair though painted as separate works. Facing in different directions, the women is a classic depiction of a Selvaraj lady: her hair curly, buxom-breasted, elongated eye slits and adorned with jewellery. The works have an ethereal quality in the way the sitters merge and emerge from the background.
Woman I (2008) By A. Selvaraj
T. Athiveerapandian leads the collection as the most sought after abstract artist of the gallery. Looking at this canvas one can clearly see why.
Untitled (2014) By T. Athiveerapandian
The imprint of longing, the treachery of distances (2008) By Anoma
The Noble Sage is an umbrella for many different activities from South Asian art exhibitions in London to Education Workshops and custom art tours in London.
The Noble Sage is an umbrella for many different activities
Untitled V (2005) By P. Gopinath